Crane - Bearing Thermal Resources

Outrigger Pads - Stabilizer Pads

Bearing Thermal Resources supply a range of crane components to companies both local and off shore. Our crane stabilizer pads are fast becoming very popular with some of the largest crane manufacturers in the world due to the pads being interlocking and the non slip TPE layer. Our Crane Outrigger Pads are moulded from premium grade High Density Polyethylene, with reinforced weather resistance and predictable load ratings. Our outrigger pads provides better stability for mobile cranes of all sizes.
Apart from our large range of outrigger pads / stabilizer pads; our services are also called upon by engineers looking for methods of spreading loads for a wide range of industrial applications. Nylon sheaves are also very popular with operators due to the longer life it offers the steel cable.

Examples of applications and materials in this industry are: 

  • Stabilizer Pads (Stab Pads): HDPE, TPE liner optional
  • Sheaves and Pulleys: Nylon, Steel
  • Boom Guides: Nylon
  • Bushes: Nylon, PET
  • Holding Brake Pads: Range of available friction materials
Bearing Thermal Resources can provide a quotation based on CNC machining components to your specifications and drawings and also provide a CAD drawing facility if you only have a sample to work to.