In House Machining - CNC Machining

Bearing Thermal Resources combines a multitude of machining services backed by the management team with automotive precision & lean production experience. BTR leads the way in high production volume CNC machining to provide accuracy and competitive pricing for complex OEM & repetitious engineered components.

To achieve the highest accuracy and most competitive pricing, Bearing Thermal Resources leverages high production volume CNC machining to provide complex OEM and repetitious engineered components to clients.
The company pioneered the 'Auto Build' system, which allows customers to order large quantities of components which are then held by Bearing Thermal Resources and delivered as needed.
The upside of this approach is that Bearing Thermal Resources can process higher production volumes to reduce individual component costs, without requiring an upfront capital investment from its customers.
The company offers plastic machining services to a range of industries, which include:
  •     mechanical engineering
  •     marine
  •     aircraft
  •     high voltage electrical
  •     toolmaking; and
  •     telecommunications

In addition to CNC plastic machining, including CNC turning, vertical machining and CNC routing, Bearing Thermal Resources also provides Cad-Cam and drafting services in house, ensuring finished products are produced with the highest degree of accuracy. Our CNC plastic machining & plastic fabrication services and materials selection is comprehensive, and our value-added solutions extensive.

We offer you a full range of machining and complementary services & are the only true plastics company that offers a complete service for steel machining. All of our machining processes are client driven to meet their exacting requirements & BTR has always prided itself on adding capacity to compliment our client’s requirements as they grow.

  • BTR pioneered the “Auto Build” system whereby you order big, we hold the stock & deliver to you as you need. The upside being that BTR passes on the savings to you through higher production volumes with no upfront capital requirement on your behalf
  • Our “Auto Build” system enables you to take advantage of a one shop facility as we coordinate whole assemblies of plastic and metal parts
  • CNC machining including CNC turning, vertical machining centres up to 4 axis and CNC Routing. 
  • Cad-Cam & Drafting service all offered in house ensuring that what we do is what you expect from BTR produced drawings.
  • Conventional machine shop including milling machines and lathes for those one off parts & speciality composite machining
  • BTR’s capacity is spread over 6 CNC C Axis lathes, 4 Australian made Multicam CNC ROUTERS, our fully equipped conventional department as well as our newly appointed DOOSAN VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRES
  • Our team of highly skilled & diverse tradespeople covers industries such as Mechanical Engineering, Marine, Air craft, High Voltage Electrical, Toolmaking & Tele communications are experienced in solving problems and producing high quality work.
  • Production continues to operates over 2 shifts in all economic climates & is able to be ramped up to 24/5 operations within a short window to accommodate larger runs than normally produced.

BTR’s total quality driven team & procedures ensure an uncompromised commitment to quality and compliance to exacting engineering standards.