A range of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) linings from Okulen and their Okuslide lining technologies is helping to increase efficiencies in various transport and loading applications.

Sticking loads create inefficiencies and problems in transport and loading applications within the mining, farming and coal industries.

Without complete elimination of the product from the vessel, inefficiency is created through a loss of the load transferred resulting in a smaller effective transferred volume, and a decrease in the volume of load able to be carried on subsequent filling cycles due to remanent material that has stuck to the walls of the truck, dumper or chute.

But when these surfaces contacting the material are lined using UHMWPE linings, the efficiency of the high turnover loading and dumping cycles can be increased significantly.

Okulen’s UHMWPE linings offer high abrasion resistance, double that of aluminium providing a considerable extension in the service life of the surface while requiring lower maintenance at approximately one third the cost of steel linings in addition to reducing the weight.

High resistance to UV, impact as well as a large number of acids and caustics in addition to the ability to operate at sub-zero temperatures as low as -40ºC make the linings suitable for use in extreme environments such as mines and quarries.

Thanks to the liner’s low coefficient of friction and low water absorption, the contents adhere poorly to the lining, resulting in quicker deposition of the contents to the desired location. Complete removal of the contents from the tray or bucket is achieved safely at a much lower dump angle with idle times reduced.  

Combined with the increased volume transferred and ability to reload greater volumes due to lack of stuck product, higher efficiency in transport and loading applications is achieved with the UHMWPE liners.

UHMWPE linings are ideal for applications in various industrial sectors ranging from mining, farming, maritime, coal and electrical to petrochemical, power and defence.

Loading, transfer and transport efficiency can be greatly increased in any location where the product is commonly seen to stick including in chutes and on conveyor skirtings using UHMWPE linings that can withstand the rigours of handling ores and rocky materials in mining.

UHMWPE linings are recommended for silos, railcars, receiving bunkers and hoppers in coal mining or farm segments with the linings able to increase the transfer efficiencies and times whilst reducing wear as a result of the lined surfaces.

UHMWPE linings can be tailored to almost any application across diverse industries.

The linings are ideal for applications requiring reduced static such as in the handling of bulk materials or the rapid sliding of components such as wires through UHMWPE guides on a metallic crane structure.

Even FDA approval is available on certain UHMWPE components allowing their use as bearings in the food industry. UHMWPE polyurethane lining can also be used for wear plates, chain guides and fenders in the maritime industry. Flame resistant UHMWPE linings are increasingly finding use in the mining industry.

Okulen’s UHMWPE linings are available through Bearing Thermal Resources

Material Handling: UHMWPE, Polyurethane, Cast Nylon

    • Conveyor Rollers: Cast Nylon
    • Chute Liners: UHMWPE
    • Mine Shaft Lift Pulleys: Cast Nylon
    • Drag Line Bucket Liners: UHMWPE 2000
    • Crusher Bearings: Cast Nylon
    • Tip Truck Liners: UHMWPE 2000