Bearing Thermal Resources supply various products into the steel mill industry. Carrying some of the most highly reputable materials on the market it is no wonder we are suppliers to some of the largest companies in Australia.

Examples of applications and materials in this industry are;

  • Slipper Pads: Oil Filled Nylon
  • Scrapper Blades: Feroform, Canvas Bakelite, Oil Filled Nylon
  • Stern Tube Bearings: Feroform, Railko
  • Roll Neck Bearings: Cast Nylon
  • Anti Scratch Rollers: Feroform, Canvas Bakelite, Cast Nylon, UHMWPE
  • Pulleys: Cast Nylon
  • Rolling Mill Bearings: Feroform, Canvas Bakelite, Cast Nylon
  • Thrust Rings: Feroform, Canvas Bakelite, Cast Nylon
  • Clutch and Brakes: Range of available friction materials

Bearing Thermal Resources can provide a quotation based on CNC machining components to your specifications and drawings. We also provide a CAD drawing facility if you only have a sample to work to.

For more information please contact our sales team.