Acrylic is cell-cast sheet made to exacting standards, offering excellent optical characteristics, light stability and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. Sheets are available in a wide range of standard sizes, thicknesses and colours.

Like Polycarbonate, Acrylic is available in a wide range of grades including optical, UV resistant and scratch resistant grades. It is generally a little cheaper than Polycarbonate but even in modified grades does not possess the same impact and scratch resistance.


Property Unit of measure Value
Tensile StrengthMpa75
Elongation at Break%4
Modulus of ElasticityMPa3210
Impact Strengthkj/m²12
Compressive StrengthMPa
Shear StrengthMPa9,000
Shore HardnessD Scale88
Co-efficient of Frictionμ0.28
Water Absorption @ 23 Deg C%0.2
Service Temperature IntermittentᵒC300
Service Temperature ContinuousᵒC80
Melting pointᵒC340
Thermal ConductivityW/m.ᵒC0.25
Dielectric StrengthkV/mm15 VOLT/MIL 500
Volume ResistivityΩ.cm5x10¹⁶
Surface Resistivity>10¹⁴
Arc ResistanceSec