Relining and Machining Facility

Bearing Thermal Resources offers a full relining and machining service to support its brake and clutch materials. We can reline existing shoes and clutches using either bonding oven or riveting methods. Alternatively, we can fully machine new components on our CNC equipment. Either way we are one of the only companies to import these materials and offer this service.


Property Unit of measure Value
Tensile StrengthMpa2600N/cm2
Elongation at Break%
Modulus of ElasticityMPa
Impact Strengthkj/m²
Compressive StrengthMPa
Shear StrengthMPa
Shore HardnessD Scale
Co-efficient of Frictionμ
Water Absorption @ 23 Deg C%
Service Temperature IntermittentᵒC
Service Temperature ContinuousᵒC
Melting pointᵒC
Thermal ConductivityW/m.ᵒC
Dielectric StrengthkV/mm
Volume ResistivityΩ.cm
Surface Resistivity
Arc ResistanceSec